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The Archivision Research Library - Publication Rights

Our Research Library of unique professional photographs was created for students of architecture and the visual arts over the past 28 years. Scott Gilchrist, a trained architect and professional photographer, along with a few associates, are adding to this unique resource of professional photographs at the rate of 3000 images a year and currently hold over 124,000 images covering architecture (all periods), landscape architecture, gardens, parks, urban design and art.

Many of these images are available for publication or commercial use, depending on restrictions which may exist, such as agreements we may hold with the property owner (in which case we will send you to them to obtain permission first). For images not under restrictions we can quote you a usage fee depending on your intended use. Our rates are very reasonable and the more images you license the better rate we can offer. We work with publishers and can invoice you for image usage fees. To view all 124,000 plus images you may browse our online database here:


We are currently in the process of placing the best of our photographs in Bridgman Images for immediate license and download for publication and commercial use. We currently hold over 670 images here and will be adding more over the coming years. We are also submitting images to Alamy here.

For more information please contact:

Scott Gilchrist - 450-475-6777 or